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What's your #CustomerExperience?

Are your customers getting the best experience?

Customer experience starts even before a click through to your website, email or telephone call. Every business wants to win more contracts, secure more orders and make money, but how many businesses are really putting their customers first?

Putting the customer first is about every member of your business thinking like a customer and providing truly great customer service.

When somebody visits your website what impressions will they form of your business and importantly what do you want them to do. Always think about the 'call to action' what do you want the visitor to do once they have landed on your website. If you want them to visit your showroom, make it easy for them to see this information. If you want them to call you, make it clear how they do that.

If your visitor then calls you after visiting your website, what will their first impression be? Do you have an automated message or do they speak directly with a person. How is the phone call directed and when they speak with an individual, how helpful, friendly and knowledgeable are they? If they order, how do the goods get despatched and how will they be received?

What does your customer think of the product they have received? Do you collect any review or testimonial evidence to show other prospective customers of their experience? How and where do you make this information available?

Customer experience is perhaps at its most obvious in a retail environment, where poor service really affects sales.

In the days of instant online information transfer using tools such as social media, a positive #customerexperience will serve your business well. Paying attention to the detail and processes within your organisation really can make a valuable contribution to your bottom line.

Welcome to today's blog! Happy reading!

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