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What's the plan?
Target, aim and fire...


Where would any business be without a clear strategy, a plan to work towards to deliver those all important targets? 


All too often businesses set out with a clear plan that over time dissolves into business as usual without much more than a cursory glance towards how the strategy either is or should be evolving. The What are we trying to achieve becomes just as lost as the How are we going to get there.


Tadpole Marketing consultancy offers the following strategy services:


  • Planning; how is your current strategic plan performing and how can the future be planned for?

  • Implementation; are you looking for support to implement your strategy or perhaps have help delivering a strategic business objective?

  • Ongoing Management; need help in maintaining focus with your strategy? What budget should you be looking at?



These marketing services can be engaged individually or as part of a complete package.





Business planning for the future
Is your business strategy working?
Here are some examples...
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Friends Provident International

Friends Provident International

Implementation and delivery of business critical software as part of strategic efficiency initiative. Friends Provident International Limited is part of the Aviva Group of financial services businesses.



Creation and implementation of marketing strategy for Pearson Fronter Targeted strategies were formulated for: - Branding - Website - Communications - Social media - Events

Tadpole Marketing

Tadpole Marketing

Creation and implementation of marketing strategy for Tadpole Marketing Obviously we need to say that we are in charge of our own destiny! Targeted strategies include: - Branding - Website - Communications - Social media - Events

Building Options Limited

Building Options Limited

Refreshing marketing strategy for Building Options Limited This project included looking at how Building Options approach their target audience, the materials they employ and the messages they convey.

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