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Make your budget work harder...
Reach more prospective customers - affordably!


eMarketing is a great cost effective way to keep your existing and prospective customers informed of what’s happening in your company. Sending branded marketing emails with a targeted message to specific customers is perfect for keeping your costs low whilst still getting your message 'out there'.


It can be a great tool for communicating specific campaigns as well as delivering more corporate style messages to your audience using email marketing, social media, online advertising and of course blogging. 


Tadpole Marketing consultancy offers the following eMarketing services:


  • Planning; are you looking for help with creating your eMarketing plan? Need help choosing email marketing software?

  • Setup & Design; need to setup from scratch or just looking for a refreshed approach?

  • Management; do you need help managing your communications?

  • Measurement & reporting; how is your eMarketing performing? Is there room for improvement?


These marketing services can be engaged individually or as part of a complete package.





eMarketing us great for affordable campaigns
Good targeting for eMarketing is essential
Here are some examples...
  • Wix Twitter page
  • LinkedIn App Icon

Interested in finding out more about digital marketing?



Created eMarketing strategy for Pearson Fronter Introduced the concept, selected the software, built the database, created campaigns and measured response rates, tweaking approach to achieve the best return on investment for the division. Prior to this the marketing efforts were costly and difficult to measure.

Tadpole Marketing

Tadpole Marketing

Introducing the 'Weekly Croak' otherwise known as the Tadpole Marketing blog! Using a blog is a great eMarketing tool, it can be used to great effect as part of any eMarketing strategy. The branding here is key to getting the most from this element of your digital and social media strategy.

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