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What does your brand say about your business?

The best way to answer this question is to identify the core values you think about when you think about your business - simple right?

Your customers build a relationship and perception based on what they see, think and feel about your business. They do that from their interaction with your brand and today's customers make these value judgements fast. So your brand can open doors as quickly as it can close them.

For example a financial services business selling life insurance needs to convey trust, knowledge and empathy or understanding. It may appeal to you by using aspirational images ie. if you invest with us you could achieve your lifelong ambition or through cultural images ie. you can trust that we understand you. These values will be communicated through imagery, text and colour in all of their marketing collateral (website, literature etc).

If we take the example of a car manufacturer selling their top of the range cross over vehicle, the values they would need to convey would be trust, performance, reliability, safety etc. If they chose images which showed the car say breaking down the sales would be low and the brand damaged.

So take a moment to think about your business, what values do you want to communicate to your customers? It's then about making sure your brand tells your customers the messages you want them to see, think and feel.

If you're interested in our top 5 tips to branding why not check out our branding whitepaper?

Any questions - just ask!

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