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The importance of branding

Does it make a difference?

The importance of branding is more than a tick in the box

Let's think about the #GE2015 in other words the General Election.

Many voters up and down the country have placed a cross in their ballot paper today, decisions have been based on policy, many will have been made on leadership and some on tradition (how voters have always voted).

Branding consists of many elements, here are just a few:

  • Tone of voice

  • Imagery

  • Reputation

  • Styling

  • Consistency

Now if these are applied to the General Election, we can translate these into:

  • Tone of voice - are they speaking your language, do they understand what concerns you and is that reflected in the manifesto

  • Imagery - is it clear, does it mean something to you, does it say something about the party

  • Reputation - will they/have they delivered what they've said they would, do you trust them, do they know what they are doing?

  • Styling - is it accessible and meaningful to you, does it make me trust them more or less?

  • Consistency - are they consistent with their message or does it change when its debated and analysed

So although we're talking about political parties and policies, branding is still there, just look at how parties change their logo's and massage their policies to make themselves more acceptable to the public - all in an effort to win that all important vote. It all comes down to branding and its more than just a tick in the box, its a crucial element that voters/customers weigh up before making their final choice.

So if it can make a difference to political parties, how does that translate to a small business? There are some simple tips and tricks on our branding page, the key is to keep it simple and be consistent and if you need help making this work for your business, we are only an email away!

Welcome to today's blog! Happy reading!

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