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Bad day at the office?

If you think your day isn't going that great, spare a thought for the bosses at Tesco! Not only have they announced huge losses but in the same week their broadband goes down affecting thousands of users across the country. Now that's got to have been a bad day at the office.

Not sure how much sympathy we should have with large supermarkets but we do rather take it for granted that they are open when we want them, have fully stocked shelves, staff to serve us, parking available and sell everything but the kitchen sink. So it would kind of be hypocritical to blast them in one breath and then get your shopping there the next wouldn't it?

We recently met a retailer with an interesting business model - sourcing local goods from local companies for local people. Not a new concept, we all know about food miles, but it was great to see so many products made locally. Sad to then find that this retailer had been trading for a year and we'd never really noticed.

Retailers large or small face considerable challenges. Like in life there is no one right answer to solve the puzzle, its more like a rubiks cube, one change can make all the difference or can just add to the confusion.

Welcome to today's blog! Happy reading!

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