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Where have we been?

Wow! Where did the time go???

Last time we blogged it was months ago! Ok it hasn't technically been a weekly blog then has it? So where have we really been?

We've been working intensively with a major financial services company in the South West, a wonderful creative agency in the South East and an exciting start up business also in the South West! So alas whilst there's been no round the world trip to blog about the things we've been working on have been varied and very interesting, so nothing to complain about there!

Amongst the projects that we've delivered, we are proud to include:

- Implementing a new Document Management System (DMS)

- Tailoring and implementing a new document approval process system (creating new workflow)

- Organising training over 100 staff across 4 international offices (including delivering courses)

- Rebranding a complete suite of financial services product literature

- Auditing and updating a corporate website with a number of international geographic regions

- Design and delivery of new brand identity

- Delivering social media support

So after a long lie down over the Easter break and of course too much chocolate, we are delighted to be back!

Welcome to today's blog! Happy reading!

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