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Lost for words?

Did your parents ever tell you to 'stop playing that thing and answer me?'

Of course they were talking about the latest game that had caught your attention and times haven't changed much. Parents were told that children would 'lose the art of talking to each other'. When all that really happened was that they now talk to each other all over the country and even the world using their phones and smart devices.

Even at a social event like a christmas lunch, look across the table and you'll see lots of people using their phones, sharing what they'd found and laughing. It's a conversation starter, a reminder (for when you just can't remember the name of that programme you like) or even a way to cheat at a quiz (very discretely of course!).

We should never forget that instead of technology replacing human interaction, it's expanded it and even enhanced it. So it's downright scary when people like Stephen Hawking talk about artificial intelligence. We must remember that technology can surprise us. There's a reason why we track google analytics and 'visitor journey', because we tell our customers one thing (that A to D is a better journey) and they often interpret differently (preferring W to Z).

Welcome to today's blog! Happy reading!

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