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Switched onto Christmas?

Is your business ready?

Children are getting excited and pester power is at its greatest - 'Mum can I have that?', 'Dad, that's epic - let's get one', 'But my friend has one', conversations are happening like that in most homes and it's not even December!

The world of sales and marketing goes into overdrive this time of year - in the retail world peak sales used to begin in October but christmas decorations have been on sale since the middle of August!

The offers are everywhere - BOGOF (buy one get one free), 3 for 2, discounted sales offering as much as 70% off and that's just in our high street and out of town stores.

So if your business is retail, how can you make those all important sales targets? There are of course lots of sales promotions you can offer and having the basics in place will get you a good foothold:

  1. Who is your target audience? If your sales aren't what you were looking for - are you targeting the right people? For example toy ads are aimed at kids to pester their parents to buy

  2. Is your price right? Your target audience has become savvy in ways to save money - exploit it! Ever gone to a shop, tried the product, like it, took a photo of it or the description only to buy online and save money?

  3. Give exceptional customer service! People like to be treated well and will often purchase again.

  4. Form a relationship with your customer. Encourage a repeat purchase or offer ancillary/supporting purchases.

These are four simple things that retailers have to continue to work hard at. To be honest it goes much deeper than that into strategy, communications, social media etc - but that's the subject of another blog for another day!

So for the festive season (which officially only hits homes in December - even though shopping has been taking place for the last few weeks) - Tadpole wishes all retailers a good season!

Welcome to today's blog! Happy reading!

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