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Do your customers know what you're selling?

You understand your products but do your customers?

FACT: The more complicated your product is, the more challenging it is for your customer to understand what you are really selling to them.

Henry Ford was famously quoted as saying 'you can have any colour, so long as it's black', there were economies of scale to consider, the less choice offered, the cheaper the car, the more attractive it became to the customer and the easier the decision. The choice of model was limited and the trim within the car was standard to that model. The customers expectations were set at the start and the cars sold easily.

Today, each car manufacturer has a different model to suit customer lifestyle. When you decide which you like the look of, you then get into choosing engine size and type, colour, safety features, interior trim, entertainment, exterior finishes etc. Then when you know how much the car will cost you, there's a range of financing models.

It's worth noting that car dealerships have their marketing pretty sorted, they've managed to make a complicated sounding process actually feel less daunting. But if you're selling a product that is complex to create, think about your customer and how they interact with you. Make the product easier to understand by offering information in bite size chunks. Simplify the language you use and don't use 'jargon', you might know what you're talking about but will they?

If you'd like help to position your product marketing so your customers are better informed, why not drop us a line - we'd be happy to help!

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