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New Apple iPhone 6 Plus #bendgate

We love Apple products.

We use a Mac's, iPhone, iPad, iPod the list goes on and on and on!

Still deliberating over which iPhone to upgrade to when a quick visit to Twitter this morning sent alarm bells ringing in our ears. Who could have predicted that the iPhone 6 Plus could be bent by hand or from being put in your pocket! Just watch this video. Millions of customers are set to be ranting on social media everywhere today and watch out Apple - they will be knocking on your door soon after! Remember bad service or product gets talked about much more frequently than good or great service.

Before we made our decision about which size to buy we went 'old school' and visited a shop last week to take a closer look. Yes they look beautiful but they also looked very big (obvious) but also very thin. It's the thin part that is causing the 'bending' issues.

Also call us 'old fashioned' but we wanted to check out how easy it would be to carry around - would it fit into pockets or bags? Striking up a conversation with the sales person who didn't waste any time in coming over to have a chat we came to the conclusion that clothing, briefcase and bag designers everywhere would be designing differently to adapt to these latest devices. Ironic how a device could do that - but nevertheless it will happen. It certainly didn't occur at the time that the devices themselves would be so easy to physically distort!

And it doesn't stop there. Upgrading to IOS 8 why did the developers decide that unless a movie had been downloaded to the device it would only be available via the cloud! Great if you have wifi but how many places have really decent wifi to be able to use, download a film and watch without stopping every 2 minutes! Aaaarrrgghhhh clearly the designers don't have young children who don't understand why they can't watch their favourite film on the iPad anymore!

It's time for Apple to stop believing their own press and to start thinking about how customers use their devices - remember user experience should be at the heart of your development. Work with us as we love what you do 'usually'.

Welcome to today's blog! Happy reading!

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