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Has Apple lost its edge?

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launched yesterday.

Excited or can't see what the big deal is?

There's a whole new debate out there around whether Apple have become 'followers' and not 'leaders' in the field of mobile technology as direct comparisons are being made between these new Apple phones and other mobiles in the market. What do you think?

Cast your minds back to when news that Apple where going to make a mobile phone hit the streets, no-one could really have expected what happened next. If you'd bet your house that Apple would transform how you lived your life from day to day - you'd be doing very nicely now!

Now think about Apple's first 'Smartwatch' - what will that really do for you? For a start you can probably bin your pedometer, fitbit and possibly even heart rate monitor. This device could relay everything about your health and fitness directly to your doctor - so no more fibbing about how active you are. What happens to the data after collection could be where it gets really exciting. If it connects to an app that you input your food diary into such as MyFitnessPal, could it make suggestions as to what food choices you should make to lose weight or add muscle tone? Could it advise what exercise you should do next to improve your fitness? It will probably already be able to track your location on a run, bike ride or walk so you never get lost again.

Is the 'Smartwatch' about to come of age? We think it probably will after all it looks like the mobile revolution can't really go any further now, new launches make improvements to technology not radical forward leaps or even transformation. It's time to move on, however, for now you'll still need an iPhone to link to the watch from day one, but even this will change in the future.

Our view, we'll definitely be upgrading to the latest iPhone 6 - the question is really what size to get!

Welcome to today's blog! Happy reading!

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