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Country grinds to a halt...

It's an attention grabbing headline isn't it?

Which country? Why has it ground to a halt? What does that mean anyway?

Your headline draws your reader in to take a closer look - make it work harder for you, spend time really thinking about what you want to achieve with your article or advert.

For example if we had used 'holidays taken in August impact the country' would you have read it? Probably not because you can already predict what the article will say.

TIP: Always give your reader an instruction or 'CTA (Call to Action)'. Give them a weblink to click on, a form to fill in, a pdf to download or a survey to answer. That way you'll be able to either follow up with them or measure how successful your article was by measuring those actions. That doesn't mean to say it has to be an online article it can be an advert placed in a magazine with your website included.

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Welcome to today's blog! Happy reading!

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