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Marketing Tips and Tricks!

Today's top tip: Search Engine Optimisation

We've been getting more involved with search engine optimisation this week, from looking at how simple changes can make a difference to your page ranking on Google specifically.


Because if you check in your website analytics report you'll probably find that Google is the top referring search engine to your site. The effort spent on this one search engine will pay off, it's about understanding that getting it right isn't a 'quick win'. You won't make a change to your website today that will see you top the page rankings tomorrow.

Our top tip for SEO when marketing your product or service is:

Put great content around it and promote, promote, promote! When we talk about 'content' that can be anything from video, images, whitepapers etc etc etc.

Want to know more about how to improve your search engine rankings? Contact us on or book a meeting. Click here to find full details of the marketing services we offer for the web.

Welcome to today's blog! Happy reading!

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