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Managing Brand Reputation

Why is it so important to manage your brand?

Anything can damage a brand, even just one action - it's a fragile yet powerful thing.

Use the wrong colour and people may not notice so long as it's only a 'shade' different, so far so good. Use the wrong image and it could cause you an upset (particularly if they are 'controversial' like United Colors of Bennetton a few years back). Use the wrong words and you could have problems - remember the Hoover flights fiasco (hard to argue yourself out of that one)?

What about brand ambassadors - who do you choose to speak and act on your behalf, to promote your products or services? This has the potentially to be really damaging. Remember Kate Moss and Rimmel?

All of these things contribute to your brand reputation. How you manage it is a delicate balancing act. After all earlier this week 888's sponsorship of Luis Suarez was a potential goldmine - a talented footballer, a prolific goalscorer, a family man who had cleaned up his act on the pitch. Fast forward to today and they've distanced themself from the player who has been involved in 'that' incident. The question that Liverpool FC find themselves in today is how they manage their brand. Do they keep him or transfer him out?

Whatever happens, never underestimate the power of a brand. Nuture it and manage it with care.

To find out more about how you can manage your brand why not check out our branding whitepaper?

What have you got to lose?

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