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The First 3D Smartphone Announced!

So if you haven't already heard, earlier this week Amazon launched the newest smartphone on the market - the Amazon Fire.

The announcement was made on 18th June and prior to the news, speculation was rife about a 3D smartphone - the rumours were true.

Amazon have got it right on so many levels:

  • Website - the first options in the left hand menu are Amazon own products, it recognises who you are, has a complete purchase history (great for repeat buys) and makes suggestions of things you might like from what like minded searchers are looking for,

  • Shipping - you've bought your goods and can now track it's location in the delivery process (great if you need to make sure you're in for delivery),

  • Distribution - the warehouse picks and packs the goods effectively and efficiently, a speedy turn around here helps meet the target delivery date - whatever option your choose,

  • Packaging - when your goods arrive, they arrive on time and safely boxed in branded packaging

  • Emails - they'll even email you after you've received your goods to review them!

Now Amazon has entered the mobile market, their device will enable the company to increase sales using their technology to prompt you to buy their goods - even better it'll put Amazon's own products at the top of the list!

The customer experience is something they put absolute focus upon and it's something that many businesses can easily overlook in the haste to meet sales targets. It should be a key component of business strategy, after all if 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers, it's time to pay them some attention.

Welcome to today's blog! Happy reading!

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