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World Cup Fever Strikes Again!

Where will you be during the World Cup?

People generally fit into three categories when sport is involved:

  • Those who passionately watch every match and listen to all the news - wherever they are

  • Those who put up with or endure it

  • Those who refuse to watch, listen or pay any attention to it and avoid it at all costs

Of course love it or hate it you can't really ignore it.

It's all anyone is talking about - office sweepstakes, which is the favourite football song of the nation and even a popular red top newspaper has just done a freebie door drop to get everyone all fired up!

It's interesting how as a population we segment or sort ourselves into these different categories. How the choices we make around our 'category' are shaped by marketing. For example, people who can't wait for it to start (guilty) are probably buying more snacks, alcohol and probably more caffeine products for those late night matches! Those who refuse to watch or listen have probably booked a holiday away somewhere and those who put up with it well they might be buying in more books to read, more home pamper products or even more stain removing products to remove the marks left behind by spilt drinks or snacks!

Whichever category you are in, wherever you are in the world - the world cup will be over soon enough!! But then we'll be prepping for the Euro's (yay).

Welcome to today's blog! Happy reading!

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