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Happy World Environment Day!

Let's celebrate the 41st World Environment Day!

Is it pure coincidence or just excellent planning that this morning we heard an advert on the radio for 'ultra low emission cars' on today - World Environment Day?

Isn't it amazing that a quick google for world maps gives us fantastic images of the world taken from space and that I can do this using devices that are becoming smaller every day.

We'd like to think it was an awesome piece of marketing, expertly executed with a skill that should be applauded but not really sure how many of us out there are really aware of 'World Environment Day'. So is this skill lost in translation?

There are many sales and marketing opportunities that could be explored on this day - what about buying a cloud based piece of software - no cd's to use once, keep in a drawer and one day bin (less waste), or leave the car at home and use your bike today (less emissions).

Think it's tricky to tie your activity to today? Use your social media strategy and tweet about 'world environment day'. You'll probably gain more followers as a result!

Welcome to today's blog! Happy reading!

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