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Great service is worth sharing...

Q. How many people do you tell if you get great service?

A. Not as many as if you have bad service!

We all know what great service looks like but what happens when it masks bad service? Ok so you're probably thinking what are you talking about! Well recently we experienced great service at a restaurant, great food, great atmosphere - so far so good, the bill arrives (gulp), time to pay. After some 'trouble' with the handheld payment gadget and reassurances that only one transaction was cleared, the bill is paid and off we go.

Great service became good service (because doubt has now crept in).

BUT a day or so later our fears were confirmed, the bill was debited four times! Suddenly the experience left a bitter after taste. Has it been resolved? Well almost a week after visiting the restaurant we are awaiting the answer wtih bated breath.

So our great experience at the table was downgraded to 'good' which became bad, let's see if the restaurant can recover our confidence in them!

The moral of the story, you brand is only a good brand if your customers receive great service. Your brand is more than your logo, it's your reputation on the line and bad news travels fast!

Have a great (long) weekend!

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