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What to tweet...

Hello :-)

It's shaping up to be another glorious week of weather (if you ignore the brief rain showers that only seem to happen when a) you've ditched your coat or b) are about as far from an umbrella as humanly possible).

So today's 'croak' is about 'What do I tweet?'.

Last week we went to a great event @SalisburyBBE which was really well attended by lots of local businesses and what was interesting was just how many seminars were around social media and how the audience were using it. The general consensus seemed to be... 'what can I say in 140 characters on Twitter?', 'I schedule all my tweets', 'how do I build a credible audience? The list goes on.

TIP: If you've got a smartphone, download Twitter and set up your account access. Then when you think of a tweet, post it. Twitter is about starting a conversation, but think about the quality of the tweets you upload, if it's 'I'm having a cup of tea' then nobody will follow you.

Look at who is following you and make sure your audience is people you think are interesting to your business or your customers. Monitor this carefully. Follow businesses and people you think are interesting, remember though if this is your business channel, it's probably best to steer clear of following your favourite celebrity.

Finally - get more from your social media and happy tweeting :-)

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Welcome to today's blog! Happy reading!

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