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Rewind, the crowd say Bo Selecta!

Whatever happened to Craig David?

We digress, today's blog is all about how the future generation talk a completely different language to us! For example, you know when sometimes you open your mouth and speak and instead of what you wanted to say - out pops a load of complete gibberish? No? Ok so it's just us then ;-) We believe you!

Well this happened recently in front of a 5 year old. The person (who shall remain nameless) made a funny noise and pretended to 'rewind' and do-over the sentence, at which point the 5 year old just looked completely confused and starting laughing. It's was only then that it dawned that this little one had no concept of 'rewind' in the same way you might. The dawn of pausing live tv to make a cuppa or touching a screen and dragging the 'play line' backwards to rewind silently is normal to this generation.

We no longer watch tv in 'real time' because you can't fast forward the ads! Ok so as marketers we should be avidly watching the latest ads and critiquing them. But jeez there's just so many advertising messages we are exposed to every day our heads might explode!

It does mean that we have to think about new ways to reach this 'on demand' generation. We have to get smarter fast as the pace of change is so rapid, as a result we get bored quickly and need the next new thing. But they have no concept of waiting for something.

So remember when you are next thinking about your next campaign, whatever channel you use, make your message short, your graphics meaningful and your communication as wide as possible. Your audience doesn't have much time and gets bored quickly. I expect you've already got bored of this blog and are surfing for something else to read, watch, play lol!

Have a great day :-)

Welcome to today's blog! Happy reading!

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