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Predicted trends for shopping?

Ok so did you watch the tv last night? See the programme about Amazon and how it was taken from an operation in a garage into a 100 billion pound global giant?

They talked about how the lines between shopping online and in the high street would blur even more than they are right now.

Most of us find what we want in a shop, then go online to see if we can buy it cheaper (only saves you money if there's free postage and packing though doesn't it). You might even scan the barcode and see if you can find it cheaper that way. It's a safe bet to say that most of us buy on price in the first instance, closely followed by quality.

The show suggested that we would, whilst shopping, visit large wall mounted screens (like giant smartphone screens), surf for the product we are interested in, enter our details and place an order so that when we walk the 50 yards to the shop, the goods are waiting there and they will greet us by name. Isn't this using technology for the sake of it and shouldn't we be more protective over our personal details?

Also doesn't this service already exist with major high street stores already providing 'click and collect' services where you can even check the stock of the item?

I think it's safe to say the approach between browsing in shops and buying online will evolve over time, the only way to really level the playing field for high street shops is via price - isn't it?

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