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Welcome to the 'Weekly Croak'


Welcome to the 'Weekly Croak' from Tadpole Marketing!

It's here that we'll talk about the things that we are interested in, following on social media and generally what's happening in the world of marketing.

So to get us started here's a 'croak' we prepared earlier!

The internet is a wonderful melting pot of important, scientific, bizarre, interesting and sometimes boring information. There really is something for every search you'll ever think of and isn't it weird how typing into a search engine it can give you the exact thing you're looking for before you've even finished typing it in?

But, yes there's always a but...

Have you ever tried googling yourself? No we're not egomaniacs but I can see why you'd think it! Try it and you'll see how all the profile information you enter every time you sign into a new social media service is gathered by the internet and pushed out when you search for yourself. You may even find that your details stored in the electoral register appear in that very same search.

The moral of the story?

So whilst it's great to connect with others, always be careful just how much personal information you give out online. You don't know who's googling you!


Welcome to today's blog! Happy reading!

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