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20 Nov 2014

Is your business ready?


Children are getting excited and pester power is at its greatest - 'Mum can I have that?', 'Dad, that's epic - let's get one', 'But my friend has one', conversations are happen...

2 Oct 2014



It's important to know that your message has been delivered, that someone has seen it and what that person might think of it.


Social media has the power to generate real money if you've got a pro...

24 Sep 2014

We love Apple products.


We use a Mac's, iPhone, iPad, iPod the list goes on and on and on!


Still deliberating over which iPhone to upgrade to when a quick visit to Twitter this morning sent alarm bell...

30 May 2014

Nexus of what?


We've blogged over the last few weeks about how much technology is changing the world around us and how fast it is changing the way we behave and interact with each other. So let's look...

13 May 2014

Hello :-)


It's shaping up to be another glorious week of weather (if you ignore the brief rain showers that only seem to happen when a) you've ditched your coat or b) are about as far from an umbrella...

5 Mar 2014

The simple answer is yes and there are some great examples of when social media has made a difference but not always in a positive way...


It's easy to forget that social media is about having a conver...

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